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NTLog Basic for Nabertherm controller: recording of process data with USB-flash drive

    NTLog Basic for Nabertherm controller: recording of process data with USB-flash drive
    Controls description see page 68

Additional equipment
    Uncontrolled or controlled cooling system with frequency-controlled cooling fan and motor-driven exhaust air flap
    Furnace in DB design featuring fresh air preheating, exhaust gas ventilation and an extensive safety package for debinding and sintering in one process, i. e. without transfering the material from the debinding furnace to the sintering furnace
    Stainless steel exhaust gas hoods
    Commissioning of the furnace with test firing and temperature uniformity measurement (also with load) for the purpose of process optimization
    Temperature measurement with thermocouples, types B and type S with automatic pull-out device for precise control results in the low temperature range
    Protection grid in front of the heating elements to prevent mechanical damages see page 32
    Special heating elements for zirconia sintering provide for longer service life with respect to chemical interaction between charge and heating elements
    Protective gas connection for purging the furnace with non-flammable protective or reaction gases
    Manual or automatic gas supply system
    Inner process box to improve the gas tightness and to protect the furnace chamber against contamination
    Lift door
    Bottom insulation made of durable lightweight refractory bricks for heavy charge weights
    Motorized exhaust air flap, switchable via the program
    Exhaust air and exhaust gas piping
    Thermal or catalytic exhaust cleaning systems
    FID measurement for process optimization
Process control and documentation via VCD software package or Nabertherm Control Center (NCC) for monitoring, documentation and control see page 72


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