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    The qs MoSI program offer is based on a wide range of high temperatures applications. Here we present the largest segment with typical processes. We offer infinite options due to our customized designs where demands on high temperature solutions are needed. Our products are best used by customers looking for energy savings, economic benefits, increased productivity and low maintenance.


     The QS program includes products for the manufacture of many types of glass, such as float glass (flat glass), fiber glass, technical, specialty and fiber glass, glass containers, glass tubing and art glass. Our products are widely used , for example:
   Annealing lehrs
   Danner process / Velo process (glass tubes)
   Float baths (tin baths)
   Glass ampoule sealing (pharmaceutical)
   Glass fusion / downdraw process (display glass)
   Glass feeders (forehearths)
   Glass cullet melting (fiberglass)
   Glass toughening furnaces
   Glass bending furnaces (e.g. windshields)
   Glass drawing furnaces (single fiber)
   Pot furnaces (open, closed and scalped)
Here are two typical glass processes:
Glass forehearth (feeders)
—Glass fusions/downdraw process


    The QS program includes three products for the production of traditional ceramics, functional ceramics and ceramics used as engineering materials. For example, our products are widely used in:
   Casting of ceramics
   Ceramics sintering
   Ceramics firing
   Ceramics coating
   Heat treatment of ceramics
   Firing and glazing of tableware
   Firing of refractories

    The QS  program includes a wide range of products for primary aluminium production and secondary aluminium processing. For example, our products are widely used in the following applications:

  Primary aluminium production
  Rodding shops
  Cast houses
  Ladle drying, ladle pre-heating and ladle holding
  Anode yoke pre-heating
  Anode stub drying
  Cathode pre-heating
  Filter heating

 Secondary aluminium processing

  Aluminium casting
  Aluminium rolling
  Aluminium extrusion

     The QS  program includes diffusion cassettes for the manufacturing of crystalline silicon wafers for semiconductors.
QS diffusion cassettes cover a wide range of processes, such as:
    Fast-cooling processes
    Oxidation processes
    Nitriding processes

Heat treatment

    The QS MOSI2  program includes products for different types of heat treatment processes for steel, aluminium and other metallic materials. Our products are widely used in, for example:

    Annealing furnaces
    Carburizing furnaces

    Galvanizing furnaces
    Hardening furnaces
    Sintering furnaces

Electronic industry

   The QS MOSIprogram offers products for the heating processes in the electronic industry. Our products are used in the following applications for example:
    Furnace for single growth crystal Si,GaAs
    Diffusion cassettes

    MLCC sintering
    ITO sintering
  all types of clean processes in the research- and electronics industries.


We offer products for both electrically heated furnaces . Our products suit, for example:
     Dental furnaces
     Diffusion furnaces
     Enamelling furnaces
     Heat treatment furnaces
     Dental zirconia sintering furnaces
     Rapid Sintering Furnaces
     Ceramic sintering furnaces:
     Gem enhancement firing
    Float process for fused silica
    Sintering furnace
    Reducing and oxidizing furnace
    Diffusion furnace for semi-conductor industry
    Laboratory and high- temperature process furnaces

    Boggie hearth furnaces
    Car bottom furnaces
    Chamber furnace
    Conveyor furnace
    Crucible furnaces
    Roller hearth furnaces
    Rotary hearth furnaces
    Shaft furnaces (batch type furnaces)
    Tilting furnaces
    Top head furnaces (hood kilns)
    Walking beam furnaces
    Shaker hearth furnaces
    Pusher furnace (continuous type furnaces)

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