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 Our factory

     Our factory is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D and profession production of  Silicon Carbide heating element (SIC) and Molybdenum Disilicide heaing element (MoSi2) series products with proprietary intellectual property rights.

      Our Factory  is known for both its consistent high-quality elements and high level of customer satisfaction .Company guarantees customer satisfaction.

      Our factory is the earlidest factory in China.we has introduced the most advanced process technology in current new material synthesis field  to produce the world tip-top quality Silicon Carbide heating element (SIC) and Molybdenum Disilicide heating element(MoSi2) series products

       Our factory was founded  in 1979 and moderate growth to become the most advanced China manufacturer of the heating elements. our factory  is located near Shaolin Temple in Henan of China. our factory  have 16 scientific researchers , 30 engineers and 250 workers. The factory covers an area of 200 acres.

 Our Products

 First,-high performance cost ratio。

   1, The Superior Quality.

   Our product quality can be compared with that of the world-class factoriesThe SIC heating element has a maximum use temperature of 1700ºC. The MoSi2 element can operate up to an element temperature of 1850ºC.,The heating elements are interchangeable with other manufacturer's elements of the same type, size, and resistance values. 

   The following four aspects ensure the quality of our products;
   (1)High quality raw materials.

     High purity reaction-bonded silicon carbide. high density, low permeability, recrystallized silicon carbide, dense cermet material. Consisting of MoSi2 and an oxide, glassy phase ,Component that has been specifically designed for high temperature applications.
   (2)The most advanced cientific formula and the most advanced process technology in current new material synthesis field.

     Our scientists, engineers, and workers have been working  on the most advanced formulas and have got the most advance formulas through repeated practices over decades.we has introduced the most advanced process technology in current new material synthesis field from Japan and American.

    (3) Advanced equipment. 

      Advanced and precise molding equipment, the most advanced uniform heating equipment.

    (4) Quality control.

      The long service life and consistent performance of QS heating elements is due to our emphasis on quality control, from starting material to finished product.  heating elements are manufactured to industry established resistant values and sizes. All heating elements are 100% inspected prior to shipping to insure proper physical and electrical characteristics. the heating elements are calibrated at 1070ºC.Our highly experienced engineers will provide you with expert design necessary for achieving the highest production efficiency at the lowest long-term cost.

    2, The competitive price.

    Our product price is 1/3 of the price of the same quality as product.whch is made in the word-class factories.

  Second- the product category.

   SiC heating elements:
  QS1 SiC heating Elements suitable for most applications in which silicon carbide elements are used. heating elements feature hot zones of high purity recrystallized silicon carbide, optimized for resistance to oxidation and common process gases. Available in rod or multi-leg designs. high density -- approximately 2.52 g/cm3  or 2.7g/cm3 to 2.8 g/cm3.This gives the sic heating elements very slow aging characteristics and high strength
   QS2 SiC heating elements designed for the most challenging applications where conventional silicon carbide elements are unsuitable.  SiC heating elements feature hot zones of high density, low permeability, reaction-bonded silicon carbide, which is highly resistant to oxidation, and to chemical attack by process volatiles and reactive atmospheres. At 2.7 g/cm3, this high-density, low-porosity element  has an extremely slow aging characteristic

    MoSi2 heating elements
   Three grades with specific features for use in demanding applications and atmospheres, including nitrogen, hydrogen, vacuum and mixtures of endogas and reducing atmospheres.
    Grade 1700°C

    Max. temperature 1700°C.good heat and electrical conductivity. Low thermal expansion. Withstand corrosion and oxidation.and  the other is Specially designed for working in nitrogen. offers long life at high temperatures in all reducing and oxygen deficient atmospheres.

    Grade 1800°C
    Max. temperature1800°C. good heat and electrical conductivity. Low thermal expansion. Withstand corrosion and oxidation  with better hot strength and form stability.and one is  designed to meet the demands for clean process heating in the research and electronics industries, the other is designed for a longer life of small dimension elements in temperature cycling condition with better hot strength and form stability. 

     Grade 1850°C .
     Max. temperature1850°C .good heat and electrical conductivity. Low thermal expansion. Withstand corrosion and oxidation  and  has higher purity and a surface with better adhesion

      SiC heating elements accessories and MoSi2 heating elements accessories

Third-product application.

      The QS  program includes products for the manufacture of many types of glass, such as float glass (flat glass), fiber glass, technical, specialty and fiber glass, glass containers, glass tubing and art glass.
      The QS program includes three products for the production of traditional ceramics, functional ceramics and ceramics used as engineering materials.
       The QS  program includes a wide range of products for primary aluminium production and secondary aluminium processing.
       The QS  program includes diffusion cassettes for the manufacturing of crystalline silicon wafers for semiconductors.
       Heat treatment
       The QS  program includes products for different types of heat treatment processes for steel, aluminium and other metallic materials.
       Electronic industry
       The QS  program offers products for the heating processes in the electronic industry.
        ITO sintering
        all types of clean processes in the research- and electronics industries.
        We offer products for the electrically heated furnaces .

Our fast service:

 First-Free sample and Free trial accessories. we are  available to take orders, expedite orders, and answer questions about the product. There is no waiting or voice mail during business hours.          

 Second-customized products,and fast delivery .according to customer requirements.

 Same day shipments from elements in stock. If manufacturing is necessary, one to eight days depending

 on size and quantity of elements.  after receipt of an order.

Third-free of charge for the installation, and the maintenance,the replacement.

 Fourth-our engineers provide technical services to customers around the clock. If you want to improve your productivity or end   product, our heating experts can help you. 

 Our engineers are  readily available to help the customer select the best element for his application or discuss furnace problems. 

 A free service is offered for furnace design with heating element recommendations, element spacing, and electrical schematics.

Our customers 
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         Looking forward to working for you!

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